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It isn't everyday that we get to celebrate the release of new music, which is why today is special! We have an exclusive release of Joe Moralez's latest single and Sound Chalet collaboration, I'm On My Way, available exclusively at Bandcamp!

Allow this brand new track to wet your whistle for what's to come! New City of Angels EP out Summer 2018!


Nic and Davide from Sound Chalet reached out and asked me to be a part of this track they were working on with a friend from Italy, Mattia Gysi. They had already started production but needed a topline to finish off the track. Mattia had sent the guys a short voice memo with a rad melody idea but no lyrics. His idea was enough to spark the rest as I finished up melodies and lyrics while the guys worked on production. The song turned into a really beautiful pop track about chasing love. Every time I hear it I can’t help but think how great it would be in a Pixar film!
— Joe Moralez

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Two Brand New Singles

"City of Angels" and "On Fire"

ETP is excited to announce the first of several music drops for all of our filmmaker friends -- two brand new Joe Moralez singles; City of Angels and On Fire -- now available for your next project at Musicbed.

The majority of 2017 was spent in the studio working on a ton of new music with my friends at Sound Chalet in Los Angeles. I can't wait for you to hear what we've been cooking up! The strings in the production are huge! It's the most complex project I've ever been a part of. So proud of what we've created!

All of the new music will release on iTunes and Spotify and wherever else digital music is sold or streamed. Stay tuned!

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"Falling" - New Single


I'm excited to announce the release of my latest Awake or Sleeping single, Falling. This track was produced by Nicolas Blomberg and Davide Fant at Sound Chalet in Los Angeles, CA. This is the first of a string of projects I've been working on with this incredible music team. Stay tuned for more new music in 2018!

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"Imagination" - New 5 Song EP


Awake or Sleeping, the indie-pop moniker of Los Angeles based artist, Joe Moralez, comes to life with his latest EP, Imagination. It's the second project alongside producer Steven Solomon (James Arthur, Christina Perri, David Cook, 5 Seconds of Summer) following their 2015 release, Interstellar Hearts.

Working with Steve is always magical because we always seem to strike gold whenever we write together. This time was no different. We were able to balance the brightness of our first project with something a little darker, honest and more personal.

Production started up in Portland, Oregon with producer, Troy Welstad, who co-wrote and co-produced Hocus Pocus and AM Nights. Moralez and Solomon teamed up with Grammy Award winning songwriter and producer, David Hodges (Evanescence, Blink-182, Daughtry, Carrie Underwood) to compose the title track of the EP.

Somewhere within, I believe we have a limitless ability to create a perfect world despite the manmade limitations set before us. ‘Imagination’ is the soundtrack behind this epic inner battle between the ego and spirit while searching for truth.

PRESS | Wolf In A Suit

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